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Dr. Hazra Black

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Dr. Hazra Black

Sonar Kella, one of the most popular films of Satyajit Ray’s illustrious career had two seasoned criminals pitted against the iconic sleuth Feluda or Pradosh Chandra Mitra. Slimy, manipulative and seemingly an expert impersonator, the Dr Hemanga Hazra ( Spoiler Alert: not Hajra ) takes Mukul as well as us on a life altering, thrilling journey across the picturesque deserts of Rajasthan with accomplice Mandar Bose, from one fortress to another in search of the metaphorical golden fortress. This T-Shirt is an ode to the iconic villain and the iconic dialogue uttered by Mandar Bose about his fellow accomplice, a must have in wardrobe for a Ray fanatic.

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