What is Bong?


Rather what is so Bong about the brand “Bongmade”. Bong to me is more than the age-old idiosyncrasies of the average middle-class Bengali gentleman or the Bangali Bhodrolok. For us Bong is a socio-cultural manifestation that is inculcated within us thanks to a rich heritage of art, culture and enlightened lifestyle.

Well, Bongmade is more than being Bong. Bongmade is an initiative to bring the rich culture and geo-diversity of Bengal and the Bengali Speaking land to the rest of the world.

Bengal is perhaps the only state in India that offers such geo-diversity. The state is gifted with the Himalayas protecting its northern border whereas the southern sore is kissed by the Bay of Bengal. The plateaus in the west and the wetland around Sundarbans and beyond.

The diversified geography gave rise to multiple culture and lifestyle.

Bongmade is an initiative to bring all that diversity in one platform.

Bongmade started its journey at the board rooms of Anonymous. The idea came when we were discussing about the ghost stories with which we grew up with. We somehow felt the increasing pollution and urbanization is somehow stopping the Ghosts to walk around the cities and it is our utmost duty to bring them back. So, we started with the Ghost series, popularly known as BHOOT in Bengal.

Well, the research over the ghost was an interesting journey. Our team of researchers interviewed a few ghosts and then we released the Bhoot series with a selected class of Bhoots. We could talk about those ghost stories sometime else.


Coming back to Bongmade, after the Ghost Series we decided to pay our tribute to the Villains. Thanks to the Maestro, Satyajit Ray, we grew up with some of the funniest villains possible to imagine. A villain, Dr.Hazra, who plays Ludo before kidnapping and murdering or a villain, Maganlal Meghraj, who never forgets to greet his pawns with a glass of Sherbat. We literally grew up with these villains and somewhere deep inside us, we Bongs are possibly the only species who love their villain more than the hero. Well, leaving apart the joker.  


So as I mentioned, Bongmade is far more than just the Tees we launched. We are working at the backend to make it the largest B2B platform from the Eastern Part of the country. An Amazon of the east perhaps. The platform will host a plethora of budding designers to display and sell their products. Our team is now travelling across the state from Shantiniketan to Dooars to the hills of Purulia to source the best of the art and crafts and present them to the rest of the World. Our team is also trying to bring the best of tea, honey and rice which will be available soon at www.bongmade.com


So, keep visiting the site and help those poor craftsmen of Bengal to survive. The art forms are getting extinct and help us reviving them. Keep sending your advise/ suggestions to us.

Keep ordering and let us bring products “crafted with Bhalobasha”.

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